Appel à contribution, RSQ (Rhetoric Society of America)

Call for Proposals for RSQ 2011 Special Issue

RSQ invites proposals for the 2011 special fifth issue. The fifth issue will be a themed publication developed by a Guest Editor, with the aim of enabling the journal to help set the intellectual agenda in rhetorical studies, to encourage focused statements on timely topics in rhetorical studies by scholars working in related areas, to attract participation by top scholars, and to stimulate scholarly activity within? the RSA, such as pre-conference colloquia, convention sessions, or RSA workshops.

Proposals should identify the Guest Editor, provide a descriptive rationale of no more than 500 words, a list of authors, as well as a brief discussion (150-250 words) of each individual essay. The rationale should demonstrate the timeliness of the topic, discuss how the topic falls within the scope of RSQ as described in its general submission guidelines, and where applicable, address the proposal’s relationship to other similar-themed issues or edited collections, and note the qualifications of its guest editor and contributors to speak to the field on the topic’s behalf. 

The special fifth issue is allotted the same amount of space as the regular four quarterly issues, 102 pages, which will accommodate a guest editor’s introduction and 4-6 articles totaling 40,000 words. It will be published in the fall of 2011. 

Deadline for proposal submission : February 15, 2010 

RSA will make available to the guest editor up to $1,000 reimbursement for expenses related to the special issue. First drafts of manuscripts for the selected proposal will be due in mid-January 2011; final versions will be due June 1.

Please submit proposals electronically to : Debra Hawhee, RSQ Associate Editor for Special Issues,