Annonce de parution : « La libertà di Marx. O una ‘lossodromia’ retorica sulle Tesi su Feuerbach », par Philippe-Joseph SALAZAR

L’équipe du GRAL est heureuse d’annoncer la publication de l’article de Philippe-Joseph SALAZAR (Distinguished Professor of rhetoric, Université du Cap, Afrique du Sud) : « La libertà di Marx. O una ‘lossodromia’ retorica sulle Tesi su Feuerbach » sur le site Consecutio Temporum – Hegeliana / Marxiana / Freudiana – Rivista critica della postmodernità.

L’article est consultable en ligne :

Abstract : Reading Marx’s Theses is a challenge for philosopher of rethoric, and Marxists. TheTheses pose a series of questions: what is the status of a philosophical manuscript? What is a philosophical “summary”? What is the relation between the private freedom of philosophizing and the manufacturing of a canon for public use? How does an editor intervene in a text of/for philosophy and enables its projection and distortion? Who are the readers of such a philosophical construction? What happens to an argument regarding the foundation of a philosophy when the text in question is read as foundation? Once these questions are addressed a larger issue comes to the foreground: should not the questions of both the uses of dialectics and of “materialism” be tested against the problematic nature of the text, and should not its political argument regarding “freedom” be tested against the enacting of “freedom” (its “clinamen”) the Theses, as manufactured and fractured by its own material production, place on the stage of philosophy?

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