Call for contributions: Non-verbal means of argumentation (IPrA, 15 sept. 2012)

L’équipe du GRAL a le plaisir de diffuser l’appel à contribution de notre collègue Igor ZAGAR (Professeur de rhétorique et d’argumentation à l’Université de Ljubljana) pour la prochaine conférence de l’IPrA (International Pragmatics Association).


Call for contributions

The INTERNATIONAL PRAGMATICS ASSOCIATION (IPrA) was established in 1986 to represent the field of pragmatics in its widest interdisciplinary sense as a functional (i.e. cognitive, social, and cultural) perspective on language and communication (see website: IPrA has its conferences every second year, and from 1999 (Reims, France), I regularly contribute to them by organizing panels on argumentation (some of them were organized together with Jean Goodwin, U. of Iowa).
The next IPrA conference is going to take place in New Delhi, 8 – 13 September 2012 (see website:, and on this occasion Leo Groarke (U. of Windsor) and I plan to organize a panel on Non-verbal means of argumentation; we would like to explore not just visual, musical (sonic), gestural (mimical) and emotional elements of argumentation, but also (and possibly focusing on) smell, taste and touch as possible contributors to argumentation.
The overall panel proposal should be submitted by September 15 2012, while individual proposal to be presented within the panel should be submitted by November 1 2012.

If you are interested in this adventurous enterprise, please contact me ( and Leo ( not later than September 10, stating your interest in the panel, giving us a working title of your contribution, and a short description of what you are planning to do.

I should emphasize, however, that one has to be an IPrA member at the time of the submission as well as at the time of the conference.

Dr. Igor Ž. Žagar, PhD
Redni profesor retorike in argumentacije/Professor of Rhetoric and Argumentation
Pedagoški inštitut/Educational Research Institute (U. v Mariboru/U. of Maribor & U. na Primorskem/U. of Primorska)
Gerbičeva 62
1000 Ljubljana
Tel./Phone (+386 1) 4201 265
Fax: (+386 1) 4201 266

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