Offre de postdoc: Université de Tel-Aviv

Nous relayons cette information de la lettre d’AAD:

Post-Doctoral Scholarships at Tel-Aviv University

Tel-Aviv University offers Post-Doctoral scholarships for one year as from March 2015.

The amount of the scholarship per-year is about 68,000 NIS. Half of the scholarship will be financed by the advisor and half by the university.

The scholarship will be granted for one year.

University Scholarships:

The university will grant 10 scholarships on the basis of matching for new post-docs. Five out of the 10 scholarships will be granted to Post-Docs.

from leading Universities abroad.


The candidate must submit the Ph.D. thesis before 3/2015.

The Ph.D. degree must be awarded not earlier than 3/2010.

Supporting Documents:

A confirmation that the candidate is entitled to a Ph.D degree and the

date it was awarded, or an administrative confirmation that the

doctoral thesis was sent to the referees.

A letter from the head of the department (at Tel-Aviv University).

A letter from the advisor (at Tel-Aviv University).

Three letters of recommendation (including a letter from the Ph.D.

supervisor and if possible, one not from the University where the

Ph.D. was granted).

A short (1-2 pages) research proposal.

List of Publications.

Curriculum vitae.

Application form.


The application form and the supporting documents must be received not later than

January 8, 2015.

More details are available at:

Research Students Section: Tel. No.: 03-6408161, Fax No.: 03-6416226


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