Appel à Communications : Chinese Rhetoric Society (Juillet 2010)



The Second Biennial Conference of the Chinese Rhetoric Society of the World (CRSW) & International Conference on Rhetorics will be held at The Hong Kong Institute of Education in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China, from July 28th to 30th, 2010. The conference aims to explore the trends of world rhetoric studies in the global context, to promote the development of world rhetoric especially Chinese rhetoric in an interdisciplinary and multi-cultural age, and to create exchange and co-operation opportunities for international rhetorical scholars and scholars in the fields of relevant disciplines. The following are some important details about the conference:

1. Name: The Second Biennial Conference of the Chinese Rhetoric Society of the World & International Conference on Rhetorics

2. Sponsor: The Chinese Rhetoric Society of the World

3. Organizer: The Hong Kong Institute of Education

4. Official Languages: Chinese and English

5. Time and Brief Program: July 27th Registration, July 28-29th Conference Sessions, July 30th Excursion.

6. The Main Theme and Sub-Themes:
The Main Theme: World Rhetoric Studies at the Globalization Time
(1) The New Development of Rhetorics in Multiple Civilizations;
(2) Chinese Rhetoric in Global Context: History, Current Situation and Future Directions;
(3) Rhetorical Culture and Order in the New-Media Era;
(4) Asian Rhetoric Studies: History, Current Situation and Future Directions;
(5) Multicultural Traditions in Rhetorical Research;
(6) Applications of Rhetorics in the Contemporary Society;
(7) International Teaching of Chinese Rhetoric;
(8) Interdisciplinary Approaches on Rhetoric Studies, such as Linguistics, Discourse Studies, Literary Studies, Communication, Philosophy and etc.

7. Deadlines for Submitting Proposals, Panel Proposals and Full-Text Papers:
Proposals should be submitted for a 20-minute presentation delivered in Chinese or English. The deadline for submitting proposals is December 30th, 2009. The deadline for submitting full-text papers is May 15th, 2010. Proposals and panel proposals (300 characters maximum), and full-text papers should be sent to CRSW will select excellent papers to compile the journal of the society for publication after the conference. Please do not submit your paper to other journals if you want it to be considered for publication by CRSW. If you plan to publish your paper elsewhere, please keep us informed in advance.

8. Date for Sending Relevant Notices:
Acceptance of proposals will be sent by December 31st, 2009. The formal conference invitation will be sent by March 15th, 2010.

9. Registration Fee and Other information:
The conference registration fee is still to be determined; by way of indication it is around 1500 Hongkong dollar / 120 US dollars. Graduate students and scholars from certain area or countries may be eligible for reduced registration fees.
The conference will help arrange for board and lodging for participants. Conference registration, room, round-trip tickets fee, and etc. will be paid by participants themselves or be reimbursed by participants’ institutions. Other important details the conference will be provided in the next notice.

10. Contact Us:
Contact at Hong Kong Institute of Education: Ms. Liang Peiyun (Pamela P.W. Leung), Tel:(852) 29487342 Fax: (852) 29487207 E-Mail:
We look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong!

Ru-dong Chen
President of the Chinese Rhetoric Society of the World
The Hong Kong Institute of Education

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