Annonce de parution : Spaces of Polyphony (éd. Clara-Ubaldina Lorda & Patrick Zabalbeascoa)

L’équipe du GRAL est heureuse d’annoncer la parution du dernier ouvrage de Clara-Ubaldina LORDA (Université Pompeu Fabra, Barcelone) intitulé Spaces of Polyphony et publié en co-direction avec Patrick ZABALBEASCOA chez John Benjamins.

Présentation de l’éditeur : Spaces of Polyphony covers a lot of ground. It echoes the voices of researchers and their informants from many different places and backgrounds. Among the variety of languages under study and methodological approaches there is also a common ground and narrative thread underpinning the polyphonic chorus of the contributors. From a shared starting point of discourse analysis and inspiration from Bakhtin, the various authors span from East to West, from Moscow to Texas, from Romania and Czech Republic to Mexico. They look into all ages, starting from early childhood, and many walks of life, ranging from casual chatting among relatives to parliamentary speeches and TV shows, including formal education, literary inner monologue and translation. Irony, humour and self-awareness are recurrent themes. The array of voices and dialogism studied in this book is such that it even includes the silent (silenced) voices of people forced to express their heritage by weaving their discourse.

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