Annonce de parution : nouveau numéro de la Revue Rhetorica

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer la parution du dernier numéro de la Revue RhetoricaA Journal of the History of Rhetoric (University of California Press’s, Vol. XXVII, Issue 2).


La fonction héroïque: parole épidictique et enjeux de qualification

Loïc Nicolas (p. 115–141)


Laus deorum e strutture inniche nei Panegirici latini di etá imperiale

Giuseppe La Bua (p. 142–158)


The Rhetoric of Passion in Donne’s Holy Sonnets

Tina Skouen (p. 159–188)


Oratory and Animadversion: Rhetorical Signatures in Milton’s Pamphlets of 1649

James Egan (p. 189–217)




David C. Mirhady, ed., Influences on Peripatetic Rhetoric: Essays in Honor of William W. Fortenbaugh. Leiden: Brill, 2007. viii + 282 pp. Stephen Usher (p. 218–220)


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Loïc NICOLAS : « La fonction héroïque: parole épidictique et enjeux de qualification »

Abstract : The present contribution to the analysis of the rhetorical genre of eulogy and blame proposes to approach this oratorical undertaking from the point of view of its performative action on praxis. The question is to clarify the conditions of the possibility of this eminently ritual exercise of qualification of the world that attempts, by emphasizing the value of afigure that is rather singular, that of the “hero,” to express the present of a community and to program passing to the act. The goal of our reflection consists in showing how the epideictic genre, by the confirmation of a meaning actualized by the speech act, strives to establish and fix the properties of things and consecrate the symbolic forms that can present themselves as justification of a collective action.

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Keywords : Rhetoric, persuasion, elogy, definition, evidence, action, reception

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