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Membre de La République en marche, dont elle est porte-parole et présidente du bureau exécutif, elle est élue députée dans la huitième circonscription de Paris lors des élections législatives de 2017. And it hurts. I took his words in a message without imagining that it could be hijacked. In Zhitomir at the intersection of st. Gagarin / st. Balzakovsky, a 13-year-old boy, while driving...The attacker managed to escape. Thursday may 14, 2020, the journalist David Perrotin unveiled via his Twitter account an audio message in which the mp LREM, Laetitia Avia, holds about moved. This is not a coincidence,” she writes. In the aftermath, his successor Agnès Buzyn has suffered a failure in the first round in ranking only in third position behind Rachida Dati and Anne Hidalgo, who did a hold up on the election, with 29.3% of the vote. Video,In Australia, a whale swam by mistake into a river infested with crocodiles,In Zhitomir, a child driving a truck caused a dangerous accident. A signal that would imply that it is impossible to have a point of view other than the party line. La #PPLCyberhaine n’a jamais eu vocation à limiter la liberté d’expression, mais…,Dans une interview pour L'Obs je reviens sur la censure de la #PPLCyberhaine et…,78% des internautes disent avoir été confrontés à des propos…," Je ne renonce pas dans ce combat. “,Laetitia Avia tried to gain control of the controversy by taking over her Twitter account. The investigation of Médiapart says that the elected of The Republic in the market had, however, well need to review its own behaviour… Five former employees have complained of the “humiliation repeated”, pointing the finger at his supposed racism – it would have multiplied the jokes of bad taste on a wizard is asian, his homophobia (“we voted on the amendment of PD”, a-t-she writes in a message), as well as sexism (“She insult often the women that she does not like that bitch,” said a former employee).Laetitia Avia, who had already sadly illustrated by a case in which she was accused of having bitten a taxi driver, is also criticized for abusing his assistants by making them work tirelessly. In fact, on Twitter, she called the accusations,Sign up to the Newsletter to receive free the latest news.An urgent problem for Ukraine. Pretty tourist to Florence…. Moreover, according to The Echoes and The World, a splinter group could soon form the Assembly with the elected LREM merging with competitors to form a group of ecological urgency… enough To threaten the presidential majority ?Thorns in the foot of the party successfully launched by the president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, who has already experienced setbacks in recent months. “.This case comes dull a little more the image of the presidential party. Video,In the United States, an unknown man opened fire on police officers. Unknown on Monday, September 14, threw an egg at the Minister of...Scientists will throw all their strength into the study of this planet. Check out our list of the month's most anticipated films and shows to stream from home. Video,An egg was thrown at the Minister of Culture Tkachenko: video of the attack,China sends first sea-launched rocket into space,The footballer impressed with a spectacular karate-style goal. Je le….Brunch, ateliers sur le travail parlementaire, cafés citoyens.. Inscrivez-vous aux prochains événements !Opinion | La loi Avia, un texte incompris,Laetitia Avia : « Il y aura un nouveau dispositif de modération des contenus haineux »,« Responsabiliser, c’est imposer des devoirs à ceux qui permettent la propagation des discours de haine »,Loi sur la lutte contre la haine en ligne censurée : “Je ne renonce pas”, dit Avia sur RTL. And it hurts. Thursday may 14, 2020, the journalist David Perrotin unveiled via his Twitter account an audio message in which the mp LREM, Laetitia Avia… Video,New hit: the swan showed the girl how to wear a mask correctly,Laetitia Avia accused of moral harassment : the ex-employees of the member LREM complain,Homophobia, racism : the member LREM Laetitia Avia, accused of”humiliation repeating”, reacts.Who is Laetitia Avia, the member LREM accused of homophobia and racism ?Laetitia Avia : what controversy marred the start of his mandate of mp ?Why the Wise have said no to the law Avia against hate speech online,Agnes Buzyn : the ex-minister physically attacked and threatened with death (VIDEO),Agnes Buzyn : why she regrets her words too strong” on the “masquerade” of the first round,Aurelian Tache has not warned Emmanuel Macron his departure from LREM : “A little boy spoiled,Matthew Orphan : the deputy rebellious has long worked for an ex-minister,Jean-Marie Bigard : the phrase malignant Sibeth Ndiaye to justify the President’s call,Acts of Billy Álvarez do not impact Cruz Azul, but they do impact the Cooperative: Santiago Nieto,“I already feel like I'm getting in the way”: Arturo Peniche separated from his wife after 38 years of marriage,What is known so far about Yolanda Saldívar, Selena's murderer, and her request for freedom,Who was Ana Luisa Perea, the woman who made history in baseball in Mexico. “In two months, David Perrotin [the journalist who led the investigation, ED] has published three articles on me. The party happens to turn the tide in the second round ?Laetitia Avia (LREM) accused of homophobia, sexism, racism… will file a complaint,Alizée (Beijing Express) enclosure : it reveals a miscarriage,Madonna : Selfie in lingerie before a medical treatment,Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing) divorce Clark Gregg after 19 years of marriage,Mimie Mathy : The passion of her husband to which she “did not agree at all !”,Meghan Markle and Harry finally home : “a pivotal moment” for the couple,Laeticia Hallyday in Italy with Pascal Balland ? This diversion hurts, I am aware and sorry.” Furious, Laetitia Avia does not stop there. This is a recording compromise. While Prime minister Édouard Philippe had presented a plan to déconfinement at the Meeting, the member LREM Martine Wonner been excluded from the group, after having voted against it. Once again, the survey is signed Médiapart. For the first time, China successfully launched a carrier rocket into space from...The impact impressed the Net. Investie par En marche pour les élections législatives de 201720, elle est élue députée de la 8e circonscription de Paris à lissue du second tour avec 64,6% des voix, succédant à Sandrine Mazetier. While she has denied the charges of racism, the member LREM Laetitia Avia faces a recording unveiled. — Laetitia Avia (@LaetitiaAvia) June 23, 2019 Asked if France had a worse problem with racism than elsewhere, Avia said: “No, there are racists everywhere and always will be. From the outset, it has opted for the card of the victim. The mp LREM, Laetitia Avia, is accused by no less than five former parliamentary assistants “.The timing would have been chosen with care, according to the mp Laetitia Avia, to which he very badly : Wednesday 13 may 2020, she presented to the national Assembly a proposed law on the fight against hate on the internet. The most striking element is of course the withdrawal of Benjamin Griveaux in the race for the mayor of Paris because of a matter of a sexual nature. The mp LREM, Laetitia Avia, is accused by no less than five former parliamentary assistants “humiliation repeatedly at work” as well as having the required “statements of a connotation sexist, homophobic and racist.” The member of parliament for 34 years, elected in the 8th district of Paris mad and wants to attack. These are,As a reminder, the member LREM Laetitia Avia is accused of racism since the site Médiapart has investigated about it. “,And mp to justify a supposed homophobia : “The amendment of the PD ? Video,The protest action in Minsk was shown from a bird's eye view. Australian authorities are trying to remove a humpback whale from an alligator-infested river in...There were no casualties. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 2,792 Followers, 477 Following, 239 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Laetitia Avia (@laetitiaavia) Researchers analyzed the upper atmosphere of Venus and...The process was shown on the web. Brest striker Irwin Cardona scored a spectacular goal in his team's away match against Dijon...The authorities are busy rescuing him. In Ukraine, trucks spoil the new road surface on the highways, reports with reference...The minister reacted with humor to the attack. New footage from Minsk has appeared on the network, where the Belarusians took part...Even the swan knows that the mask must cover the nose. Laetitia Avia, Self: Quotidien. Laetitia Avia : « Il y aura un nouveau dispositif de modération des contenus haineux » Dans une interview pour L'Obs je reviens sur la censure de la #PPLCyberhaine et… Read In Los Angeles, USA, an unknown person shot police officers sitting in a patrol car,...People are walking in huge columns. This is the expression used by my ex-collab, himself homosexual, to refer to this amendment that I supported. While she has denied the charges of racism, the member LREM Laetitia Avia faces a recording unveiled.This is a recording compromise. The coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments to our lives...The web showed how overloaded trucks spoil Ukrainian roads. All provide to have been the target.Laetitia Avia told us not to tolerate ” no racist remarks “, ” nowhere “.— David Perrotin (@davidperrotin) May 14, 2020,On his side, Laetitia Avia defended. Once again, the survey is signed Médiapart. A determination which led him to publish false accusations and incoherent on the eve of the final vote of the #PPLCyberhaine. And then, in a thread, it has tried to substantiate some of the facts. In fact, according to the testimony of the five former employees, the 34 year old woman would have had managerial practices that are illegal and morally harassed. En septembre 2018, après la désignation de Richar…

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